Nepal (Tanska Seed Development)


Size: small - medium

Yield: Medium

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It is not 100% sure that this strain originates from Nepal, but arrived in Denmark in 1978. The breeder got these seeds from a pusher who told the breeder that they were from Nepal. This strains has been grown allmost every years since, and it has a very good resistance to wet weather. 
There is reports about this strain being used further north, and that is has a great resistance to fungus. That makes this strain very suitable for breeding. 

It is an early strain as well, and is done around september, some phenoes are earlier. That also makes this strain suited for breeding. The restistance to the weather combined with its early flowering makes it ideal to cross with indoor strains, like Hindu Kush, whick Tanska Seed Development did with Hindu Kush.

The bud to leaf ratio is a bit high, but there is some good phenoes that has a very good bud to lead ratio. The effect of this strain is sativa, allthough there is different highs with the different phenoes. 

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