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  • Genes: Streak O Matic x Danes FruityHeight: Approx 50 - 80 cmYield: Approx 25-30 g

    110,00 DKK
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  • Genes: Blue Streak x FruityFloweringtime: 8-10uger from seedHeight: MediumYield: up to 40gr pr. plantTaste: Fruity

    110,00 DKK
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  • Genes: Pure Power Plant x (Royal Dane x Thyphoon)

    35,00 DKK
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  • Genes: Mighty Freeze x Eirdbei Estimated Harvest time: End September Yield: Around 50 g pr plant

    45,00 DKK
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  • Genetics: LebaneseType: 100% SativaTHC: 0.5-8%CBD: 6-17%Flowering indoor: 9-11 weeksYield: Average - HighLatitude: 0º-50ºResistance to insects: Average - High BOUQUET: Sweet and floral aromas in flowering, acquiring mango tones during curing. 'Blonde hash'aroma in the smoke, reminiscent of moroccan hash. Woody, sweet and sour taste.

    190,00 DKK
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  • Genetics: F8 stabilized congolese/nepalese hybrid.Type: 70/30 Sativa/IndicaTHC: 15-20%CBD: Below 0.05%Flowering indoor: 9-10 weeksYield: Average - HighLatitude: 0º-47ºResistance to insects: Average - High BOUQUET: Tempting sweet, floral, musky, lemony and anisette aroma.HIGH: Strong and energetic sativa effect that picks you up and keeps you active. 

    345,00 DKK
    In Stock
  • Genetics: 100 % sativa. P4 landrace from Malawi, Central Africa. Old killer Malawi x 3rd generationType: 100% SativaTHC: 24-27%CBD: Below 0.05%Flowering indoor: 10-13 weeksYield: HighLatitude: 0º-43ºResistance to insects: Average - High BOUQUET: Strong, concentrated aroma of oil, wood and lemon. Some plants stand out for havingmore refined sweet carrot...

    355,00 DKK
    In Stock
  • Genetics: (Nepalese/Jamaica '85) x NepaleseType: 60/40 Sativa/IndicaTHC: 14%CBD: 0.45%Flowering indoor: 8-9 weeksYield: AverageLatitude: 0º-47ºResistance to insects: Average - High BOUQUET: Seductive sweet, creamy and caramelized aroma, with hints of honey.HIGH: Warm, clean and expansive effect that leaves you happy and floating on air for 2-3 hours.

    300,00 DKK
    In Stock